Friday, February 8, 2019

Very Nice. Perfect for travel during the coming Ice Age.


  1. I wonder how it stands up to wind. Having dealt with wind in the field, I will tell you that the WIND 2 is about the only tent that pulls it off. The North Face geodesic tent, allegedly a good design, is worthless in the wind. I think that this one would be as well, even as cool as it looks.

    Wind is a problem in the Arctic/Antarctic and in many places. Wind chill will kill. (hey, I'm a poet!)

  2. I've owned a North Face , North Star tent for 37 years that is simply incredible in the howling winds.

  3. I got pretty good at igloo construction when I got cold enough at Cold Lake, Alberta back in the 1970s. Canadian Forces used to teach a great arctic survival course up there. great preparation for an assignment to the south china sea...