Monday, February 4, 2019

Oh my!


  1. I really miss those days..........

  2. Me too, Tam. My ventures in my 64 Mustang memory are strong. It's amazing what you could do in the back seat of that car.

    1. I had one of those, too. It was my second car after a POS '63 Plymouth Valiant.........

  3. I miss them as well - cars you could work on with basic tools, no computers, and satisfying to all the senses. I really like older Chevelles - a good friend had a nice blue '69 SS 396 that was a bit of a sleeper in that it had the high performance motor that was rated conservatively at 425 HP - with nothing more for further upgrades than Hooker headers on it, it would routinely trounce most all other Chevelles and GTOs we ran across in our streetlight matches in north Dallas. Good days for sure!

  4. A car that nice should not be on a gravel road.