Sunday, February 3, 2019

I kill you Kill Kill Kill - wait, that's pretty yummy


  1. Raccoons make great pets as they will use a sandbox like a cat and keep themselves clean as cats do also, although they don't like being thrown into swimming pools,they can swim and don't shake them awake as they will bite. They like to wedge themselves into tight spaces when they nap.

  2. My wife had a raccoon named Frito as a pet when she was growing up (a skunk named Flower as well, but that's another good story). Frito was usually well behaved, but if it had been bad in some way, my wife would get even by given him a sugar cube to eat as well as a bowl of water to wash his food in. She said it was hilarious watching try to figure out where the sugar cube went after he tried to clean it in the bowl.