Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cutlass pilot prepares for a test flight


  1. Always thought the F7U was a neat looking plane and ahead of its time. A shame that it ended up a failure.

  2. I remember reading "The Wrong Stuff" in that little bookstore in Coronado and laughing outloud as the author described crashing an early Cutlass right off the coast much to the shock and awe of the various local fish and crustaceans. It was written by John Moore and really quite funny.
    The Wrong Stuff: Flying on the Edge of Disaster

  3. The engines' lack of power doomed it. The high-pressure hydraulics system gave a lot of problems, too. That enormously long nose gear was kind of weak and a hard landing could collapse it. None of the problems were unfixable, but more capable designs were in the pipeline. Changes came rapidly in those days.