Saturday, March 28, 2015

Your "feel good/take heart fellow Americans" story for the weekend

Those of the left who would denigrate their country and their own people, and who shout that Americans are hated, are wrong.  Among the common people overseas, there is a deep and abiding reservoir of good will and trust that no treasonous and evil act from our current administration and elites can begin to drain.
Richard Miniter points out examples old and new of this, which you of course will never read about in our main stream media.
First, there is this from the dark days of WWI.
  "Lafayette, we are here."
July 4th 1917. On that day, the recently arrived U.S. Army 16th Infantry Regiment paraded in front of Lafayette’s tomb in Paris and the words “Lafayette, we are here” were spoken by a member of U.S. Army General John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing’s staff. For Britain and France and countless oppressed people everywhere, the instant before those words were said was the low point of the First World War, the instant after the first moment in which they knew good would triumph because something akin to the army of God was piling in on their side and would, in the fullness of time, put things right
More recently there is this:

Examine the amazing set of photographs which have surfaced this week past. They show what happened when an American Army Stryker unit motored across Poland. Pulling into one small town, they were mobbed by citizens of every age and sex cheering them, standing on the armored vehicles for pictures while one pretty Polish girl after another (they’re all pretty) crawled through the hatches in order to pose with an American soldier.

Then, this story:

When the gigantic American carrier Theodore Roosevelt visited Portsmouth, England. Thousands turned out who couldn’t reach it to touch it (it is too big to anchor in the harbor) but wanted to see it, photograph, pose with it. To applaud and laud the sight of it in numerous comments to the online papers.

The British press proudly reported that one of its escorts was the U.S. destroyer 
Winston Churchill which always has a serving Royal Navy officer aboard.

 And the moral of the story?

And so America still has that long ago day in Paris in its pocket, not as a memory of jubilant millions rushing into the streets to honor America but in the facts on the ground, with the common people of Europe to this day. Because those generations of Americans who first liberated so many and then kept so many safe so honorably have piled up such a mountain of goodwill and admiration that no one very bad American president can disperse it, not in six years and not in eight.

Which means the tedious self-contempt of the argument against a twenty-first century America able to throw its weight once more into the contest between good and evil falls on inspection. 
Because all we have to do is scrape this administration off our shoe in 2016 and return to doing good. Not a matter of arrogance or pride, but just in the simple announcement that we’ve come back. Millions of hearts in Europe and elsewhere will answer, “We always knew you would.”


  1. Amen!
    There is a tremendous gratitude towards Britain and the US for the sacrifices made in the last century - especially in the older generation. You hardly ever hear about it in the media, though.

    /A loyal reader in Denmark.

  2. "Because all we have to do is scrape this administration off our shoe in 2016 and return to doing good."
    Perfect! I may have to quote that, regularly.

  3. Nobody loves America more than the Poles do. You need to visit Poland to really appreciate that fact.

  4. And God help us, we have the first anti-American pResident..........