Wednesday, November 8, 2017

That snub of President Obama was egregious. If I were him, I'd have simply left, snubbing them right back.

But I'm neither the President nor Obama, so the Chinese got away with it.  Looks like they've changed their ways.


  1. Obama thought that behaving like a cur would endear him to foreign leaders (and Americans). They were just as disgusted by the antics of the metrosexual mulatto as the people who voted the Democrats out of office and the Republicans in.

    President Trump's reception in the Middle East, China, Japan, etc. are proof positive of that.

    I realize that progressives don't like to see President Trump and his stunningly beautiful wife replacing Barack and his dumpy, angry, shrewish spouse, but it happened and President Trump is doing well.

  2. Illegal Moslem Kenyan Obama was the biggest joke ever on the world stage. O'Succubus was the Liberals hope & change unvetted Fraud boy. "Bath House Berry" Illegal Fraud Boy & his Faked Daddy Mama Tranny manwife. Thank God they are gone. 8 yrs of a fake illegal alien, fake wife & fake kids since Michael Vaughn Robinson aka Michele cant have children.

  3. You really should be on Gab, Mr. President.

  4. Go ahead, Anonymous, tell us what you REALLY think.

    Behave, Glen! - lol

  5. This is such an awesome juxtaposition! wonder why, if Barack was such a great rep for the US, he had so many fails on the world stage? remember the Olympics committee? wait, I don't really wonder why ...

  6. Today I re-visited the election videos, and bathed in the tears of the Liberals who were devastated by the loss of that bitter hag that Zero endorsed. Oh, what marvellous schadenfreud!

    It's so wonderful to have a beautiful woman (and a real one!) representing us as FLOTUS instead of that ugly angry person attached to Zero! The Chinese demonstrated their intelligence by both snubbing his predecessor and by kow-towing to President Trump!