Friday, November 10, 2017

Once again, the Asians show who it is they respect, and who they don't.

At the APEC Economic Summit three years ago, President Obama was at one end and standing with the wives of  the leaders.  Apparently, the men weren't worried that the O-man would make a move on them, and the Lightbringer wasn't concerned about the obvious disrespect.

This year, Putin and Trump are right there in front, next to the Vietnamese hosts.

The Asians are big on protocol and "face," and this positioning difference is no accident.

As with the Chinese, much more respect for Trump in Vietnam. 


  1. Putting Barack with the women only made sense. I mean, that's where I'd have placed him. The Donald? No, not hardly.

  2. Sorting into position based on size of of their - masculine dominance? Sounds about right.