Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Never turn your back on the ocean: Sneaker wave, Coos Bay, Oregon


  1. Back in the early '60s at Sunset Beach in Hawaii, I nearly lost my eldest daughter to a rogue wave. The wave had hooked up the beach and rolled my little girl over and over into the surf. Pregnant with my second child, I threw myself full length and only just caught my babies foot. Holding on
    like grim death I got both of us out of the surf. I forced myself not to freak out so she wouldn't be afraid of the water in the future,but I will never forget how frighteningly quick it was.

  2. The North end of Bastendorf beach and the South jetty.
    I grew up in that area and still miss it.
    BTW, I partied hard almost in that exact spot when I was in High School.
    We used to throw keggers there.

  3. West and South coasts of Ireland rouge waves claim numerous people every year. Usually tourists from other countries. I use to hang out at "The Hook" in county Wexford watching for them. I had sense enough to remain on the high ground, but lots of folks tempted fate.

  4. The Ocean is a harsh mistress.