Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Let The People Speak


  1. The first one is just stupid. I can't let it slide. Al Waleed is a Soros type guy who has done things that should get him barred from the country and would if he weren't a billionaire. But all terrorism against the west is not Sunni. Not even close. Iran is shia for christ's sake. Is he saying Iran has never committed terrorism against the west? He didn't pay for Obama to go to Harvard. He had a scholarship based on his minority status and the fact that his father was from Kenya. Al Waleed is a major share owner of Citibank. He does not own Citibank. A lot of Obama's cabinet came from the financial industry. Citibank "picked" no one. Al Waleed did not own the top floors of the Mandalay bay. Whoever wrote that is essentially retarded.

    1. Finally, someone who can supply a link to the vexing question of Obama's finances at Harvard!

      Please post a link to the evidence that Obama got a scholarship, it would show beyond doubt where he was born, and put an end to the discussion.

      I agree that his putative father was from Kenya; that's been the basis for many to argue that Obama isn't a "natural born" American, but now that you can supply his scholarship details I'm sure we'll put an end to all those questions- which were left unanswered by his photoshopped "birth certificate!"

      At least we can agree that Obama/Soetoro went to Harvard through Affirmative Action. It's the only way he would have been accepted, after all!

  2. The second one is also stupid - but unfortunately probably real given the caliber of our elected representatives. 'Flake' is an appropriate name for this swamp dweller.