Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hysterical! CNN does split screen reporting from New York, as if the two gal reporters were in different locales, but they are really about five feet from one another.

Notice the same suv with it's tailgate open and the ad on the van.

Here's the video of the spot below.  Watch the same cars, the same pedestrians and bike riders, pass by both at virtually the same time.  

Great job, idiots.


  1. It must be a budgetary component of the incisive reporting.

  2. By now we are all aware of what “God is Great” in Arabic sounds like. So just give us THAT, CNN. We see thru your deceptions.

  3. Well I managed to watch almost 5 minutes of that tripe.
    (The most CNN I have watched in years.)


    1. Congrats! You have a steel constitution to take it that long.

  4. And they wonder why they get called FAKE NEWS!

  5. Your screenshot above is hilarious, it actually shows, in the left panel, the red coat of the gal on the right in the rear-view mirror of the same truck that is in both splitscreen views! Oh, what won't they do, in the whacky world of #FakeNews!

    This reminds me so much of the infamous "canoeing" weather report on NBC, where an intrepid girl "reporter" was in a canoe in the midst of a storm- it all looked totally believable until some guys walked through the setup. Here it is:

  6. i have an in house archive of cnn broadcasts from mid jan. 1991.. you can recall the talking heads and "battle experts" giving a heads up on tactics. i took the time to review some of the tapes while cleaning out a storage area and i am astounded that most viewers did not call BS on the kids back then. their favored expression was "we don't want to give anyone any ideas but i will say this". which is why sadam and his lads were glued to the tv.
    many viewers had to do drastic and unmentionable acts in order to regain their self respect.
    recent fake news reminds me of cnn's take of the WMD photos in the UN. perhaps their craft was learned at the knee of the master: Colin Powell

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