Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now I am no supporter of electric cars, but it appears that Tesla motors has caught the New York Times attempting to smear their car during a test drive.

Is that really surprising, except perhaps that the Paper of Record would normally be expected to support electric cars?

Tesla reports:

Broder is even accused of trying to artificially run down the Model S’ battery by more than it would typically, driving “in circles for over half a mile in a tiny, 100-space parking lot” in front of one of Tesla’s Supercharger power stations, in what Musk suggests is an attempt to fully drain the car. Tesla also points out the sheer number of charging points – both its own, and those run by other companies – along the length of Broder’s drive, as a counterpoint to the number of times the reviewer actually stopped to rejuice.

Once again, the MSM is misrepresenting the facts and giving the public a false story.  They all can't die off soon enough.

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  1. The 7th fastest car at Pikes Peak, at 10.15.380, was electric.