Saturday, February 23, 2013

Can anyone say, " black Swan?"

Chinese admiral expects quick win in war with Japan.

Idiot.  Starting a war would be condemned internationally, and would be disastrous for China, even if the Chinese won the initial confrontation.

Let's hope there are more adult people in charge over there.


  1. People die in wars. With that caveat out of the way, you can almost wish the bastards would try something. I would expect the Chinese to get their heads handed to them. But it would be bloody as Hell. Asian wars always are.

    1. The problem I see is that we are treaty bound to defend Japan. On the other hand, we could just cancel all the Treasury Bonds the Chinese hold. That would go a long way to punishing them and lowering the debt painlessly ( for us ). If the Chinese attack the Japanese, that should be the end for their trade with the western world. I can't possibly see a positive outcome for them should they try this. That admiral should be sacked immediately for talking like that.