Wednesday, February 20, 2013

After Walmart's horrible February, which pundits think was caused by measly 2% increase in the Social Security taxes, imagine the impact of the new cost of Obamacare!

Progressives are already starting to sweat the cost.  I'll be happy when the cost of all this is Democrats swinging from telephone poles, given what they are aggressively doing to damage or even destroy this country.

The L.A. Times warns that even in states where politicians have enthusiastically embraced President Obama’s health care law, many officials — especially the young — are bracing for unexpectedly high health insurance premiums when the law’s major coverage provisions kick in next year:
Exactly how high the premiums may go won't be known until later this year. But already, officials in states that support the law have sounded warnings that some people — mostly those who are young and do not receive coverage through their work — may see considerably higher prices than expected.
That is because of new requirements in the law aimed at making insurance more comprehensive and more affordable for older, sicker consumers.
Insurance regulators in California, which has enthusiastically embraced the law, cautioned the Obama administration in a recent letter about "rate and market disruption."

Wait, the cost of premiums won't be known? I thought it was clear as gin that the Obamacare monstrosity would be saving everyone stacks of money?  Did the Democrats lie?  

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