Friday, February 8, 2013

As everyone is aware, down in LA there is a cop who, for reasons of his own, and probably primarily because he has serious mental issues, has gone on an assassination spree against his fellow policemen, and those he has a grudge against.

Now, the LAPD has apparently gone batshit crazy in fear of this guy, shooting up two separate trucks that were the same kind as that driven by the madman.  In the worst incident, the cops shot two women delivering newspapers.

Needless to say, riddling the truck driven by two female newspaper delivery women is nothing other than an insanely dangerous reaction to the situation, bordering on hysteria.  This time, however, the trigger happy nut jobs appear to be the cops themselves, who seem willing to blast away at anything that might possibly be related to the  man they are hunting.

Yet, these are the people and the organization that we are supposed to rely on to keep us safe in our jobs and homes.

Just look at how many times the jittery cops shot this truck without checking who was in it!

These idiots are doing nothing other than giving credibility to the madman they are hunting.

From a broader perspective, this crazy behavior from both the original madman, and then the LAPD themselves, does nothing but damage people's trust in their government. Is it any wonder that all over the country, folks are objecting to the militarization of local police forces and the rush to allow them to watch us with drones? 

Just who are they preparing to have a war with?

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