Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tatanka Ohikita = Brave Buffalo

One bow legged dude

Tatanka Ohikita was a holyman who healed people, was known for making medicine, and was at the Whitestone massacres 9-3-1863 doing ceremonies to call the buffalo for the people. He was taken as a prisoner of war to Crow Creek after Whitestone massarces and was released under Big Heads in 1867 and moved to the east side of Standing Rock.

Born 6-10-1843 James River Valley  
D:7-9-1918 Cannon Ball, Sioux, North Dakota


  1. Likely crazy as a march hare.

    Maybe not crazy as a horse?

    1. The writing on the second photo says he could stop a steel bullet. I doubt he ever encouraged a real world test of that claim.

    2. I'm sure that it was a "metaphor".

  2. rickets, and moth eaten feathers...