Saturday, June 15, 2013

As we sit back and buckle in for the next phase of the Middle Eastern endless war ride that our Chicago Jesus is preparing to start us off in, it is good to contemplate the comment that a Mr Fleming posted over at American Digest:

   "Can anyone name even one constitutional purpose of American foreign policy that is being satisfied by an intervention into the Syrian pesthole? Did We the People grant our Powers and wealth to our government so that they could succor the grinding misery that foreigners, hoisted by their own deluded petard, have put themselves into? We never did. The powers We the People granted to our government were to be used for the benefit of Us, only us, and not some Levantines forever in thrall to both secular and religious tyranny.

Syria can live, can die, be gassed, anything, and it won't make one single bit of difference to the United States. I'm sorry all you Syrian people, but in the calculus of the United States your value is zero; and to even mess with you brings nothing but your misery and delusion to our shores. Be off with you, and save yourselves!

If the Usurper does this, and our Armed Forces professional officers do not resist this to the last man, then I will know we are well and truly f'ed. Who will be left to defend us against our enemies foreign and domestic? If the Usurper does this, It will be clear, that his aim is to destroy our Armed Forces.
May God have mercy on us, because we don't have His Blessings anymore."

The Armed Forces won't revolt, as they are still living in a world of honor, of respect for higher authority, and devotion to duty.  Wishing for a "dues ex machina" like that is a fool's errand, as it was up to us, first and foremost, as the American electorate, to be educated and aware enough to avoid electing such an monster as currently sits as our president.

In that job, we have miserably failed.  So, perhaps, there is a price to pay for such ignorance, and that price is to be led into war with "Oceania," or "East Asia," or any number of Orwellian enemies, who will never disappear as an excuse to bleed the treasury, and the youth, and the trust of the country dry.

And some of those enemies have chemical weapons.  Some even have nukes. Perhaps this will spiral out of control, and become more than just a poisonous proxy war.   Reset indeed.

Enjoy the ride, Obama voters, as you chose it for yourselves and for the rest of us as well.

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