Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wow! The Grizzly bear chair, presented to President Andrew Johnson, by Seth Kinman, California trapper and hunter. Now that is a presidential gift, even if Andrew Johnson was the only President other than Bill Clinton to be impeached by Congress. Maybe it was simply the sheer awesomeness of this chair that prevented Congress from removing Johnson from office. After all, how can you kick a guy out of the presidency when he is doing his presidential thing while sitting in the Grizzly Bear Chair!

And where is the chair now? Did Johnson take it with him and use it himself in private life until it got so thread bare that he threw it out? Is it even now sitting in some musty crate at the Smithsonian? Where is it! Could it show up unexpectedly on Antiques Roadshow? Imagine the price!

From the indispensable site Clusterflock

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