Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet Dr. Mitchell Katz, the County of Los Angeles' highest paid employee at 355,000 a year. Maybe it's just this picture, but is it any wonder that California is in such dire financial straits when someone who looks like this makes that much money? Do you think the taxpayers, the productive people, resent having their pockets picked by government taxation so this guy can live like a king on the public's dime?

Don't you think there is someone out there who is both equally as competent as Dr. Katz but who would do the same job for less ..... say 255,000 a year? Or 185,00? Or 150,000?

The coming conflict will will indeed be between the haves and have nots in California, but with the twist that the haves will be public employees who will by contract and law be able to make this kind of money, retire at 55 at 90% of their highest salary and with lifetime medical care. The have nots will be everyone else who has to work to 75, at least, and pay confiscatory taxes so good old Dr. Katz and his pals can enjoy a care free and wealthy retirement.

I think not. I think as soon as it becomes apparent to all who are really the producers in society that this scam is going on, there will be an end to it. The only question will be how that end occurs. Will the real producers be able to overcome the unholy alliance of big government and the public employee unions through the ballot box? If not, and there is a real question in California whether this evil combination can be overcome, will the end come violently?

Would you work until 75, or longer, just so this guy and his kind didn't have to?

We live in interesting times.

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