Sunday, November 28, 2010

On a fine day like this on, the girls and I rode up to Silver Lake to see just how much snow had fallen in the Sierras.

A nice snow pack was there, about two to three feet here at Silver Lake. That's Thimble Peak and Thunder Mountain in the far background.

With the help of our trusty snowshoes, we hoofed it out on the fresh snow to see what we could see and to experience the unusual cold.

Is this California? The trucks thermometer said it was 18 degrees, and I saw it go down as low as 16.

The sun went down on a snowy, very cold alpine world. I can't imagine how cold it is going to get tonight. If I was a bear, I would be in hibernation right about now.

An icy Highway 88, heading back to the valley.

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  1. nice post...I almost feel like I went along too