Friday, March 26, 2010

Do you think there might be a connection between this:

And this?

Most certainly there is. Hey, I got an idea. Lets add a huge new government entitlement program to the mix. Make it one that is valued in the trillions. Lets pass that entitlement law in spite of the fact most Americans are against it.

Isn't the ability of the country to finance its colossal and now growing even faster debt dependent on the interest rate it has to pay to sell treasury bonds? Isn't the ability of the country to pay for the bonds dependent on its ability to tax the people to generate money? If there is no more tax money to be squeezed out of the masses, why would anyone believe that the nation's new debts can be serviced?

Do you think the ability of people to afford a loan for a house is good? Do you think its important for business to be able to afford a loan to expand business?

This, my friends, is all going to end very badly. Thanks to Obama and his enablers, change we can believe in.

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