Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Having thought about the healthcare mess and the contortions that the Dems have been going through to get it passed, I believe that their plan has really nothing to do with healthcare at all. In reality, they want to ensure that Dem/ liberals will never really go out of power by creating a dependent class of people who either work for the government run healthcare industry or who can be influenced to vote for Dem/libs by manipulating their benefits. This is a tried and proven plan that has made formerly affluent and liberal (in the old, positive sense) states into solidly reliable liberal voting fortresses , even as these states decline in freedom and wealth.
With that established, the Dem/libs have overlooked one major thing that may well turn out to be their Achilles' heel. Seniors and baby boomers who are now retiring in greater and greater numbers will rabidly guard their right to healthcare. They vote out of all proportion to their numbers, and their numbers are and will continue to increase as the baby boomers age. The healthcare the Dem/libs want now requires tax money to support, and in a declining economy with lower tax receipts, there is only one real way to control costs. That way is to ration care.
How do you think grandma and gramps will take it when they are told they have to wait six months for needed treatment, as happens all the time in nations like Canada with more established nationalized medicine? I think there will be a sh!tstorm of angry people that will swamp the polls once they realize that they have been scammed. Many of those will be retired seniors. Look at who you commonly see packing the tea party meetings now. White hair everywhere.
Even if the Dem/libs get this horrible plan passed, and they might, I don't believe that they will have the easy sailing they anticipate at election time. I for one am looking forward to the tar and feathers.

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