Friday, September 8, 2017

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of thugs

Times Higher Education down-ranked UC Berkeley in its annual university ranking report for 2017-2018. The California-based university is known for its dominant liberal ideology, and, more recently, the administration quashing talks by controversial speakers accused of spreading wrongthink ideas. 

While it is not clear whether the violent riots aimed at quelling the expression of opposing viewpoints contributed to its decline, Berkeley fell eight ranks, from #10 last year, to #18, with a new score of 84.3 percent. That’s a solid “B” grade by Berkeley’s own grading scale which, by way of analog, were it a sanitation rating at a restaurant, would leave much to be desired.

Also relevant to the issue:

That safe space bs is not what people think it is.It creates little anti-American bubbles 'protected'from the fictionally oppressive mainstream society. 

There they receive propaganda, one-sided arguments.

So, it's radicalising these kids to hate America.

I'm all for whatever ethnic pride and religious
groups that wish to associate, but such is not
the purpose of safe spaces.

We hear about "Hitler Youth camps" that
brainwash children. Basically, that's what
safe spaces are. It's just less obvious and less direct.


  1. At least the Hitler Youth got those cool knives... these kids just get a cup of coco and a onesie.

  2. Many years ago I visited that campus, and was extremely impressed.

    These days, it's just another insane asylum. SMH.