Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Your good news of the day: New Hampshire joins the list of constitutional carry states.

Never happen in California, as they don't trust the people, being an oppressor government.  If I could carry, it'd be my Thompson Contender in 25-20.  Yeah, I break the mold.

New Hampshire now joins an ever-growing number of states in passing constitutional carry,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

Sununu’s signature on SB 12 makes New Hampshire the 12th state to allow constitutional carry.  New Hampshire joins its northern New England neighbors Maine and Vermont, both of which allow constitutional carry.  

Sponsored by Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-3), Senate Bill 12 will repeal the license requirement to carry a concealed pistol or revolver, unless a person is otherwise prohibited.  For those who choose to obtain licenses, SB 12 will also increase the length of time in which a license is valid from four years to five years.
Even in California, we still have the right to carry without asking the state for permission, and without having to pay them a fee to do it, but we will need to wait for a government that actually believes in freedom, and which isn't afraid of an armed and packing citizenry, and which chooses not to deny it's people their constitutional rights.  


  1. Thompson Contender in 25-20

    I'm with you. I'll carry my .218 Bee Contender which is a necked down .25-20....

  2. Hats off to New Hampshire.

    Live Free Or Die.

  3. I think that's a model for California to adopt.