Friday, February 24, 2017

Yet She Persisted...

A Republican legislator and former Vietnamese refugee was dragged from the state Senate floor Thursday morning when a Democratic leader ordered her removed after she tried to criticize the late Tom Hayden, a former state senator and vocal opponent of the war in Vietnam.
State Sen. Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove (Orange County), who was born in what was then Saigon, spoke briefly in Vietnamese, but her microphone was shut off less than 30 seconds after she began to repeat her remarks in English.
State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens (Los Angeles County), who was presiding over the short floor session, called on Nguyen to sit down a dozen times, telling her she was out of order. But when Nguyen continued to read her statement into her dead microphone, Lara took stronger action.
At his orders, a pair of sergeants-at-arms hustled over, grabbed her by the arms and pulled her off the floor. But Nguyen, still shouting out her statement, tried to turn back toward Lara, forcing the sergeants to redouble their efforts to hustle her away.
Her ejection from the Senate floor sparked instant controversy, with Republicans blasting Lara and the Democrats for what they called a violation of Nguyen’s right to free speech.
“I was very, very surprised when this happened. I’ve never heard of this happening and certainly never seen it in my (time) in the Legislature,” Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller of Bakersfield said in a telephone interview. “I’m enraged, I’m angry and convinced this is totally overreaching (by the Democrats). ... A senator’s freedom of speech should not be taken lightly.”
So, Jean, why didn't you brave Republicans leap up to Janet's defense, and apply a bit of your own muscle to keep her from being silenced?  Although there aren't many of you, I'm sure a small mob of angry Repubs could have seized control of the situation and overpowered two corpulent sergeants at arms if you had the balls to.  Tackle the sergeants and escort Janet back to the podium.  Make a scene, you cowards!  Tom Hayden wouldn't have flinched!
Even while Nguyen was speaking, Lara called on state Sen. Bill Monning, D-Carmel, who rose quickly to criticize Nguyen, arguing that it was neither the time nor the place to attack Hayden, who died Oct. 23 and had been honored on the Senate floor Tuesday.
                                                                 The true American

So let me get this right.  The Vietnamese American, who came here as a legitimate war refugee, jumped through all the legal hoops and became a citizen, tries to speak out against a scumbag American traitor that shouldn't be honored and indeed whose citizenship really should be posthumously revoked, and is violently silenced at the orders of a Mexican American whose family, like Kevin De Leon's, is probably all here illegally, and who likely got his own citizenship through some sort of amnesty ( I speculate here, but I bet I'm right).
                  The Scumbag.  American in name only. Punchable face?  You tell me.

The Mexican-American, who still hasn't learned or come to respect anything about our laws and traditions of freedom.  He can fight Kevin De Leon to be el presidente/jefe maximo over the soon to be rump nation state of Nuevo Baja California, or maybe we should just call it Rump.

Check out their two websites, and notice the difference in what issue they choose to support and promote.  Janet is what's right with America, and Ricardo is what is so very wrong.

Bonus result of this event: Vietnamese Americans will vote Republican in greater numbers.


  1. I've personally written off California - because I live here and I have seen how vastly corrupt it's become politically. None of this is the least bit surprising.

    1. Where do you think your part of California will eventually reside? Nuevo Baja California? Orange Free State? Jefferson South?

  2. Acts like this are infuriating, disgusting, and in CA, de rigeur.

    There is no means that I'm aware of to fight it, though. I've spent years sending letters to politicans, but if I get a reply at all it's a form letter saying (in essence) "Tough."

    Years ago Claire Wolfe said, "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." She was, and is, quite right!

    1. It's later than you think, Ms. Wolfe. Much later.