Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yet another better place to spend state money than the bullet train

The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge has multiple cracks in one of its support columns and and has been closed to traffic since Feb. 15. Caltrans announced after a bridge inspection on Tuesday that the structure is beyond repair, and it will take six months or more to build a new one.

The problem began when heavy rains in the region caused landslides below the bridge; an entire hillside is slumping and sheared off where the support column on the north end of the bridge is anchored. 

Yep, it's coming down at any time.  I wonder how many cars drove over that before someone noticed.  Time to get busy replacing that bridge.


  1. We have the same problem in PA with highway funds going to pay for things other than bridge and road repair. Rails to Trails is one of them. Money is spent to buy and convert old rail lines into hiking and biking trails while the bridges in the state are falling down..........

  2. "6 months or more to rebuild" really means 6 years or more when they start the environmental reviews and involve every Gov't agency possible and then come the lawsuits.

  3. California should be content to "go it alone" and not beg for federal money to assist in the rebuilding.