Tuesday, February 28, 2017



  1. Looks good. Source? Instructions on how to put something like that together would be nice, especially if it included livestock information too.

    1. Just a picture from a tumblr, but the internet is full of good gardening info. Plus, the best way to go is to just do it, as the old commercial used to say. That's basically what I did. I can recommend raised beds, and a sharp eye for hungry birds, slugs, or other pests. I like to start from seeds because it's so cheap, but buying from the local nursery works well too. I once stumbled into a six pack of gangly, ugly tomatoes that the nursery sold to me for a dollar. Those ducklings quickly grew into tomato producing machines - great deal.

    2. Try Rare Seeds if you want to see lots of cool varieties and are willing to start them about now or soon, depending on your area's climate.

    3. I have an elevated bed which was starting to bear fruit until a hard freeze hit and killed it. I need to re-plant and maybe build a few more.