Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yellowmead Stone Circle

Yellowmead Stone Circle is a Bronze Age concentric stone circle consisting of four rings of stones set within one another. The largest is 98 feet (20 m) wide and the smallest, 19 feet
 (6 m). It is located on Yellowmead Down near Sheepstor. The circles once encircled a burial cairn, although this is now barely visible.


  1. Guys used to dance in those circles at the solstice - naked - with freckle faced girls.

    Makes some strange sense to me.

  2. So the smallest ring, shown in the second photo, is 6 meters diameter? That would make those stones about 3 feet high.

    Stonehenge for the weak-minded.

    1. Isn't it interesting that the culture that created these stone rings existed and thrived for millennia, yet we will never be able to know anything at all about them. Only their stone rings endure, mysteriously peppered about the countryside.

    2. It makes you wonder what else we lost until we got the written word. Glories, tragedies, mysteries, life... We have our own, you know, monuments to moments long past. Someday you should visit a medicine wheel.