Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Who cares more about the African Americans?


  1. Didn't that top picture have to be retaken because some felon's ankle bracelet went off? (Yes, that really happened.)

    The bottom picture is missing Kellyann Conway, who tucked her feet under her while sitting on the white sofa at around the time this picture was taken- but I'm pretty sure that she had taken off her shoes first; a point that all the hordes of Fake News purveyors aren't interested in. (They also weren't interested when Barry the Fraud had his shoes on the Resolute Desk, a national treasure.)

    1. Kelly Ann can dance on the furniture for all I care. She was instrumental in electing The Donald, and I'll be forever grateful for that.

  2. Regarding Kellyann's feet on the furniture....in the Oval Office, I would rather have her feet on the furniture then the knees of an intern on the floor.