Friday, February 17, 2017

The left continues to crumble and self destruct

Given the thrust of Trump's press conference yesterday, this story is apt:

Associated Press prints hysterical piece claiming that Trump is mobilizing the National Guard to deport aliens.  Problem is, it is completely untrue, and the AP didn't get the administration's word on it before publishing.  Even when the memo it was supposed to be based on is found, that memo does not, surprise, support the AP's story.

Fake news indeed!

 Proving Trump is right once again about their bias is not what they intended when publishing this bull, but that was what they clearly accomplished.  Idiots.

Then there's this from CNN:

Wishing for the old days and the return of your much loved Lightbringer President, eh CNN?

Meanwhile, as AP and CNN are torching their credibility, factions within the far left simply cannot stop themselves from going at each other's throats over unimportant ideological details , as noted by Gay Patriot.

Arguing that the police “is an instrument of state violence and oppression” the Vancouver chapter of Black Lives Matter launched a campaign earlier this summer asking for the withdrawal of “any and all presence of uniformed police officers” from the annual celebration of LGBTQ communities.
But for the activists behind “Our Pride Includes Our Police,” this misrepresents the history of the relationship between local LGBTQ communities and police.
“Banning the police from the pride parade will undermine our commitment to diversity and inclusion and all the work we’ve done.”

Watching the left hack itself to pieces is fun and profitable.  At least the GOP, when shut out of power in 08, stepped back, analyzed what went wrong, and began a rather quick climb back to control.  The left, not so much.  A student of history will recognize this tendency in that side of the political spectrum, as they have done the same counterproductive bickering and fighting for years and years.

Meanwhile, I'll just make some popcorn and watch the show.


  1. The wierd part is that even as they printed it, they admitted it was untrue. Every major network carried the story and openly said it was untrue while devoting paragraphs about all the details of the plan they admit isn't true.


    1. I propose that they did that counting on the fact that people wouldn't hear the admission, but would instead believe the false narrative. When Orson Wells broadcast his War of the Worlds play, he clearly declared it to be fictional, but no one heard that, and millions believed the nation was being invaded by aliens. Same principle.

    2. X2 CW. They said soto voce "this is fake news" but then made it a headline.

  2. LOL, they're still beating the dead horse of "Russians under the bed!" even though there still isn't a shred of proof, or even the slightest bit of evidence, for any Russian involvement in the DNC hacking and the Podesta email hacking.

    The #LyingMedia also NEVER mention those last two points: the DNC hacking, and the Podesta hacking, which should have caused Queen Hillary some embarrassment (but didn't, as she has no shame, no morals and no honor.)

    It's all their phony narrative about the Bad Guys Who Hacked, not the big story of What Got Found Out, such as Hillary getting handed the debate questions from Donna Brazile!