Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Remember that video yesterday of the glory hole spillway at Lake Berryessa? Well, wouldn't you know....

The spillway, which drops straight down more than 200 feet, is known as the Glory Hole. It routes excess water from the lake down an 8-foot-wide pipe. 
Authorities said witnesses reported seeing Schwalek swimming toward the spillway at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday. 
Yeah! Let's swim out to a nightmarish swirling hole in the lake/space/time continuum.  That's the ticket!
The woman dropped out of sight after gripping the edge of the hole for about 20 minutes, witnesses said. There has never been a documented case of anyone else falling through the Glory Hole, said Don Burbey of the Solano Irrigation District.
Gripping the edge for 20 minutes?  Nobody tried to save her?  I guess it's just another example of cleansing the gene pool of those with less than optimum judgement.


  1. Obviously a case of another Hillary fan suicide who couldn't cope with President Trump's making America Great again.

  2. I doubt anybody could hang on to the edge for 20 seconds, let alone 20 minutes.



  3. 1. The auto ads to the right of the screen are now advertising some ... uh ... well, glory hole type literature. Just not the same type. Rather shocking.

    2. I was just thinking yesterday, what could a water park mentality do with that hole? I mean, coat the insides all the way down with a soft but slick rubber coating, make sure there's no hard corners, and then exit into a deep pool. With the right water flow and engineering, it'd be a hell of a ride. But as it is now? I've seen crazier people kayak down flood swollen and boulder filled creeks.

  4. Whatever you do DON'T Google "glory hole"....Especially if you are at work or near children. Trust me.....

  5. They should erect a safety fence around it.