Sunday, February 5, 2017

New high/low in virtue signaling among the progressives.

Two thousand others are “interested” in the event, according to its Facebook page, which specifies that group mooning is protected First Amendment speech according to a 2006 court case in Maryland.
Yep, The Donald will hear of this, and immediately feel compelled to release his taxes - Not!  Which everybody involved knows.  But hey, it's fun to participate in useless and foolish political theater, so you can brag about your antics at the water cooler next day at work.  
Note: Trump will use this foolishness against them, to highlight the unseriousness of his opposition.
Another note:  There will be no picture of this event published here, rest assured. 


  1. Hmm, asses making asses of themselves by baring their asses..........

  2. "There will be no picture of this event published here, rest assured."

    Thank you. Brain bleach makes my eyes water.

  3. They're just want to show us where they store their brains.

  4. If this event is like most, it'll be all the fat & ugly ones showing how fugly they are; females that are technically "women" but none you would like to see, and their male counterparts: pajamaboys without their pajamas. Ugh.

    Now if a gym or fitness center could advertise there, might do some good!