Thursday, February 2, 2017

If you see one, there's probably more.

A Jones County, Texas family experienced a nightmare come true when a rattlesnake slithered up inside their toilet last week.
Big Country Snake Removal says the family contacted them after finding the adult snake in their toilet.
When officials arrived on scene, the company investigated the property and found twenty-four rattlesnakes total in the family's storm cellar and under the house. Five were babies and the rest were adults.
The snake that crawled up the toilet was able to get inside through a relief pipe that Big Country Snake Removal later sealed. 
The family hadn't seen a snake on their property for years and had no idea the rattlesnakes were living under their home and in their cellar, according to Big Country Snake Removal.


  1. please look in your cellar my scotty terrier killed 5 snakes last 2 weeks 2 very deadly

  2. I learned very early in my life in Texas to turn on the light in the bathroom when you have to go in the middle of the night. Yes....It scared the S4!7 out of me!

  3. Worse thing ever happened to me was a frog jumped onto my bare bottom as I was just sitting down- I do believe I would have won any standing long-jump record, if only there were pictures.

    Thank God, there aren't any pictures!

    Still, I'd rather a frog than one of these guys, that could have been deadly!

  4. When I was young we had a water snake get in the upper tank of the toilet at the camp house. My dad resolved the problem with a 12 gauge and multiple shots. We had to buy a new toilet, and yes we always checked before sitting down after that.

  5. How do I check the seal on my "relief pipe"?

  6. How do I check the seal on my "relief pipe"?