Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I see the education establishment is about to get a bit of competition.

Washington (AFP) – The US Senate confirmed billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos as the next secretary of education Tuesday, after Vice President Mike Pence was forced to break a tie on the deeply controversial nomination.
The chamber deadlocked at 50-50, with two Republican senators breaking ranks to oppose DeVos, a champion of using taxpayer monies to help fund privately run schools.
“The Senate being equally divided, the vice president votes in the affirmative, and the nomination is confirmed,” Pence said.
They hate it, but in the end, it will result in a leaner, better public education.  Change is hard, and sometimes, for those who have grown fat and slow on the public teat, it is very hard indeed.
Here is one on the two establishment Republicans who decided to vote against DeVos, requiring the vice president to break the tie.   Looking all bat shit here.

From Wikipedia, we learn how Lisa got her position to cause trouble: Murkowski was appointed to the U.S. Senate by her father, Frank Murkowski, who resigned his seat in December 2002 to become the Governor of Alaska. She completed her father's unexpired term, which ended in January 2005. She ran for and won a full term in 2004.
She ran for a second term in 2010. She lost the Republican Party nomination to Tea Party candidate Joe Miller. She then ran as a write-in candidate and defeated both Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams in the general election.  

 I predict, having displayed her loyalty to the establishment with this vote, that she will see a strong primary challenge. That write in game worked once, but will it work again?  She may find out if she keeps this up.

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  1. All that union money - $$ zillions $$ in payoffs were flushed by the Pence vote.

    What are the Dems going to do when private schools start offering a great education in the ghetto?