Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ha! I'm a trendsetter!

Once upon a time, freckles were considered such aberrations that women would do anything to get rid of, or at least conceal them ( CW says never!)

Topshop and other beauty purveyors sell “freckle pencils,” while Kickstarter-funded company Freck Yourself offers stencil-like adhesives that will leave your skin all sun-kissed and speckled. But hardcore freckle fetishists can go a step further: They can get these spots tattooed on their faces (CW says,"Nope, go natural or go away!).
Semipermanent freckle tattoos use pigment in lieu of ink, can last up to three years and cost about $250, according to the site NewBeauty.

Whether you have just a few (known to the cognoscenti as a "school.") or an entire constellation, freckles are the best at suggesting femininity and girl next door wholesomeness.  

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