Monday, February 27, 2017

Good dog!

A dog like that should be named "Franz" or "Vilhelm."


  1. Or "Greta" or "Brunnhilde" if that's a nipple I see peeking out from the under-belly area.

  2. You know that's a quality dog.

    1. A cat would never do that. Dogs - man's best friend and companion!

  3. Many years ago when I hunted a lot I acquired the best Black Lab ever. Pellakana Birdies Kurli, Her grandmother was Pelican Lake Peggy a three time Canadian field trial champion.Kurli never left a bird in the field, she fought with geese, dived under water to get escaping ducks, broke ice in late season hunts and drank beer after every outing. What a companion, never betrayed a confidence and protected my children. What a dog. I still tear up just thinking about my friend, oh, she responded to voice, whistle and hand signals. I miss her like you wouldn't believe.