Friday, February 24, 2017

Compare and contrast

That video of the unusual spillway at Lake Berryessa I posted has been mentioned all over the internet. Someone sent me this shot of the famous entrance to the spillway, which we will call a "Glorie Whole" here, to avoid the algorithms for the ad windows to the right from seeing something different and then automatically trying to sell items that are inappropriate to a family blog (heh).  

Anyway, here's the entrance to the "whole" dry and wet ( I know, dangerous to use those words!).  Don't fall in!

Thanks, Molly, for the photo.


  1. The concept of wet years and dry years (used to be "climate") and the notion that it can change from year to year (used to be "weather") is obvious to anyone who has ever chopped down a tree - which tree huggers by definition never do - and seen the uneven growth rings, or anyone who has lived more than a couple of decades. THAT is the only settled science - the weather changes as does the climate.

  2. The appropriate term for this type of structure is a 'bell neck spillway'.