Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chuck Yeager is probably in there.


  1. NO! Chuck never flew the "15". That is most likely Scott Crossfield , or Neil Armstrong and I think that that might be the "A" so its probably Crossfield who logged the most time early on but was never allowed to fly sub orbital . Armstrong DID go suborbital in the X-15 and got his "astro" rate before he ever set foot on the cape.--Ray

  2. Maybe Scott Crossfield.

    My grandfather worked on the X-15 program as an engineer and introduced me to Crossfield when I was a young boy. I met Gen. Yeager much later. He was a frequent houseguest at my neighbor's house in the house before my present one. A gentleman and a true American hero.

    1. You, sir a lucky man, on many levels.

      QHM, formerly '7102

  3. The B-52, "Balls 8", shown has an interesting history. Check out:

  4. Crossfield,but as long as we are dropping names, I was at the 25th 104 reunion and was privileged to have one on one with Kelly Johnson, Tony LeVier and Snake Reeves and many others. What a weekend. I have also met and talked with Adolf Galland, Douglas Bader and johnnie Johnson. I have stories.