Thursday, February 23, 2017

Chainsaw pants?

Man, the stuff you can buy.  As an aside, thanks for all the advice yesterday, I appreciate it.  The last chainsaw I actually used was a McCulloch with a four foot bar, fun but not really practical for what I need.  I have a picture of that somewhere that I should scan and post - youthful days!


  1. a four foot bar is for steep wedge cuts and slant around cuts. Make the tree turn as it falls. If you used one of them without cutting off anything important I doubt you need those fancy pants! ha ha ha I offered to cut down a tree for a guy once that was leaning real bad out over his garage. I said I would do it for a 1000 dollars. He said to go to hell and decided to do it himself. His new garage cost 15,000 dollars. ha ha ha ha ha

    1. Hahaha, indeed! Quality work ain't cheap! We had to deal with a few leaners back in the day. Once, we hitched the big Ford to one and I hit the gas just as it started to go to make sure it didn't fall onto a shed. Good times….

  2. Being an Arborist for nearly 30 years I can tell you getting a pair of chaps is a good idea. Those wrap around the calf in the picture are fine for the dead of winter but you will over heat in them most any other time. Stick to the regular ones unless you plan on doing some climbing,that's when you can use the extra protection on the back of your legs.

  3. A goodly amount of power saw info here,

  4. Back in the day, I worked on a plantation thinning crew up the hill from you a bit. We wore chaps. Not only were they good protection from the saw, but if you wore two pair, fore and aft you had pretty good protection from mountain whitethorn, which actually was more of a threat. At the end of the week, we'd compare each other's chaps and whoever got the most nicks on the chaps, bought the first round.