Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Big branches down from my trees have convinced me that I need a chainsaw.

Hand saws eventually do the job, but it's time consuming and tiring for the right arm.  Besides, all real men need at least one chainsaw, right??


  1. I dunno. I favor axes myself. Require no gasoline or oil, provide a good workout, aren't as noisy, and just provide me with more emotional satisfaction (not that imagining taking a chainsaw to the necks of my foes is unsatisfying, it just doesn't give me the same thrill):-).

  2. You don't really need to use them very often, but when you do they are great. I needed to remove a 100 ft long by 6 ft high, wooden privacy fence that was way beyond its useful life. It took me about a full day with the chainsaw. It would have taken weeks with a handsaw and pry bar. I've had it for three years now and haven't used it since, but it was probably still one of the best tool purchases that I've ever made...............

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    1. Yeah, the guy I talked to who knows about chainsaws recommended Stihl or Husky.

    2. What. Tony. Said.

      ONLY STIHL!!!

      (check out Stihl lumberjack competitions online for fun)

  4. Sold two Huskies for a stihl, buy stihl you wont be sorry. I know of what I speak I heat with wood 9-11 cord a year. MN

  5. For limbing and cleanup you picked a good saw. It will do what you need for years and years.

  6. Be darned careful with the fuel you put in it. The modern gas with 15% alcohol and god knows what other additives is horrible for small engines. Leave some of that in there and when you need it again 2 years later it will be nothing but trash. I have two small engine yard tools that are about to be set out to the curb - just not worth rebuilding anymore.


      You could also try somewhere that sells marine gas.

    2. Canuckistanian WarriorFebruary 23, 2017 at 10:25 PM

      True story time... Gather round
      I met my last ex-wife online 12 years ago on a dating site.
      I'd given up on the site but one day a woman, girls threads were pink, posted a question... "Does anyone on here know how to fix a chainsaw?"
      Living in the wilderness and having too much experience with them I replied, "What kind is it?"
      "A Stihl", she said. "Hmmmm, that's too bad" ,I said.
      "What kind of saw do you have?", she asked. "A Husqvarna", was my reply.
      She shot back with, "That's what all the lesbians have around here!"
      We were married 3 months later...

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  8. Thinking about getting a Chainsaw if the trees keep falling onto the ONLY road between here and Cairns. They have shallow roots and any heavy rain washes them over onto the narrow road.

  9. If you get a Husky or Stihl, don't get one of the chinese built ones.
    Or worse, a chinese copy of either.
    About anything under 50cc's is marginal for larger trees.
    Stihl or Husky $350 to $400 is what you should be paying.
    Maybe a little more, maybe a little less.
    Buy from a dealer that does lots of business with loggers.
    Not from a big box store.
    My Husky 61 finally wore out (25+ years) last year and since I am not cutting as much wood anymore I went with a Efco 52. They are made in Italy. Mine is working fine and running good. Respectable warranty too. Have not had to use the warranty though.

  10. And like others have said, "Ethanol free premium only".

  11. Stihl will not be disappointed and parts/service are widely available.

  12. I'm late to the party, but Stihl would be my choice. I own one. Which one you want depends entirely on what you're cutting and how often.