Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A little Cosumnes River levee damage in the neighborhood

The Cosumnes River near Casa CW is un dammed, and thus a wild river that comes up and down depending on rain.  Levees attempt to keep it in its bank during times of high water, but when it rains a lot, as it has this winter, those levees take a beating.  Here are some locally taken photos of some worrisome erosion in the only things keeping the river from spreading out over the countryside.

Note: I'm far enough away from it that the casa will not flood, but some of my neighbors are at risk.

Thanks to R. Finney for the photos.


  1. When I was a kid, they'd toss old wrecked cars in against the bank to support against erosion. Today I have no idea what enlightened solution they've come up with, but I'm confident that they no longer use wrecked cars (in California).

  2. Why are they not maintaining the levees?

    1. Dunno. It could be because the local landowner has the responsibility. It's like that often out in the delta, but I don't know about here.