Monday, August 29, 2016

Ok, this is getting worrisome. Really worrisome

I like to minimize politics here, as multiple other sites do it way better, but this just has to be spread around.

There's this journalist, David Seaman, who published a story on Huffington Post that questioned Hillary's health, and in the article linked to a video that purported to summarize the issues we know about and speculate somewhat based on that.

For that, in true secret police fashion, Huffpo pulled the article late Sunday night, and made a strong attempt to remove it all from the internet, so no one else can find it.

No warning was given to the author, Mr. Seaman, who found out when it went off line.  He's creeped out, and posted this video about it.  It is chilling indeed to hear him suggest that harm might come to him, and to know that if there is an accident, it's not an accident.  Sounds like what's happening in Russia right now, right?  At least he hasn't been shot on his birthday like Putin's political enemies.  Yet.

Here is the Paul Joseph Watson video he linked to:

Then there's Dr. Drew Pinsky, whose show was abruptly cancelled after he strongly questioned the narrative on Hillary's health.  Add in his Twitter account as well.  Silence, you Kulak!

Ever see an election like this before?  I haven't.

As one of the commenters noted, if his Uber car comes and it's an older Crown Vic with tinted windows, don't get in!

Hat tip: American Digest


  1. I think Mr. Seaman has just discovered what kind of folks he has been in bed with since his affiliatio with the Huffington Post.

    Or, as the old adage goes, 'when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.'

  2. X2 Fredd.

    I don't think that somebody would harm Dr. Drew or David Seaman, but there is the persistent problem of suicide in America, usually accomplished by a gunshot to the back (no note). We know that Hillary's detractors aren't around long and if you think that it's bad now, wait until after she becomes president.

  3. that guy who worked at the DNC a month or so ago, when it was rumored he was the source of the Debbie Wasserman Schultz leaks. Blammo, dead in a Washington DC street, still had his cell phone and wallet when the police showed up. And no note.