Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How far all human signals have travelled into space.

Space is big


  1. VERY interesting - - - and dauntingly challenging, as I am one of many individuals who volunteers their personal home computers to analyze raw data gathered from Outer Space by radio telescopes in the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, i.e., "S.E.T.I.".

    If you're interested in also participating in this research, the web site URL is:


    An intelligent radio signal, now popularly known as the "WOW! Signal" (featured in the Hollywood movie, "CONTACT"), was actually detected on 15 August 1977 by the Big Ear Observatory at Ohio State University, a signal which lasted more than a minute and came from the direction of the Sagittarius Constellation.

  2. Have we really been radiating for 200 years? I would ahve thought it would be closer to 100...

    But still, an interesting point.