Monday, February 4, 2013

Casting another beam of sunshine on my Monday, the Bayou Renaissance Man goes prepper, predicting an imminent TEOTWAWKI by mid year.

This guy seems pretty level headed, so warning bells like this should be heeded, and it's up to you to decide if you may want to join him in stocking up on necessities.

I myself am not that far yet, although I have been selling off some stuff I'm not using to fund one of the kids educational activities.

His point that the country is not being run by adults, however, is very well taken, and worrisome.  To me, it is absurd that while the economy struggles, debt deepens, the world slowly descends into conflict, and otherwise sober central banks, like the Japanese, begin to engage in currency war, our own political leaders worry about women in combat and private gun ownership otherwise guaranteed by the constitution.

We might indeed be in for some rough times ahead, not because they can't be avoided, but because our leaders are too feckless to address the most important issues facing the country.


  1. Still got a few more years. Homeland Security has not stocked up on enough assault rifles and hollow points yet.

  2. it probably will not be within six months. I think one to three years. Still things could change, the freaks trying to enslave us are getting itchy to act.

    the economic collapse will not come with the scenario in the Bayou blog. it is coming but not in six months because the conservatives would win out in that scenario.