Friday, February 1, 2013

Brock at Free North Carolina tipped me to this little statistic.

The IRS, of all people, say that the cheapest...cheapest...Obamacare plan will cost 20,000 dollars a year per family.  

If that is really true, get ready for a scream all across the country.  People will be so incredibly pissed that they will demand immediate repeal, I would imagine.  Maybe this is a good thing?  Could be very damaging to the Democratic brand.


  1. But all the leaches will still get it free, and all of Barry's cronies all got waivers.

    1. How many does that leave? Those would still be a significant number, and there would be a motivation like no other to change. It doesn't take all that much pressure to make a congressman change his mind on an issue like this, and if anything could motivate people, it would be something like this.