Monday, February 27, 2023




  1. Last night I dreamt of this bird. It began with a still photograph showing a Black Bird dipping the port wing into a lake taken nanoseconds before the crash.

    My job was to investigate the photo, where, who, and so on. Some suspected Nazi Germany. When it turned out it was a product of one Kelly Johnson in America, my investigatoon was shut down in a hot hurry.

  2. Have always loved that plane. As a teenager I had the Estes rocket one. Every time I see a picture I laugh thinking about the speed check story told by a former pilot.

    Bear Claw

  3. I used to watch these taking off on Okinawa. Just.... wow. I'd think that this photo is photoshopped. The water would be showing some disturbance even at the Habu's speed.

  4. Definitely photoshopped. As Clay says, there would absolutely be watertails being thrown up high in the air from those two engines. Whoever made the photo knows nothing about aerodynamic reality in this situation.

    1. But it's a great Photoshop, just not a perfect one.

      Forget the roostertails. Nobody sane would fly a plane with essentially zero forward visibility that close to the water, not in a million years.
      A millimetric slip for a millisecond, the slightest hiccup, and plane and crew would be a blossoming flower of debris scattered over a square mile.