Monday, July 10, 2017

Yes, it's that time of year

Mrs. CW planted that weird two tone zucchini, half yellow, half green, and it's starting to produce.  It's a Franken-zuke!  The zucchini tsunami is beginning.


  1. We plant yellow squash. We only planted one hill this year and they are coming on like crazy. I have made squash casserole, fried squash,squash and onions, squash patties and squash pie. I said I wasn't going to make squash bread this year, but I might have to. Wish everything else grew as good as squash and weeds. :o)

  2. My aunt lived on a farm and had a one acre garden. Many years ago she planted zucchini for the first time. She ended up with so much of it that she ran out of recipes and people to give it to. I think people started avoiding her for fear that she would try to spring some zucchini on them just to get rid of it.

  3. I have tried sneaking bags of it to the doorstep of neighbors, and leaving it at businesses around town, in lieu of a tip...