Friday, July 28, 2017

Ferrari driver wrecks $288,000 supercar just an hour after he bought it


  1. Then the Dodge would just catch fire...

  2. He needed to buy a tank instead.

  3. I think a fan of Yosemite might like this.

    Downloadable at

    My first visit to Yosemite was around 1960. I was 7 years old. I remember the firefall and stacking metal buckets with food so we could run out and see the bears when they knocked over the buckets. I learned how to swim In the South Fork of the Merced river in the Wawona Campground

    I lived and worked there for 5 years, did valley floor tours for 3 summers. I was there during the 96, 97 100 year flood. DNC suspended alcohol sales and the rally call changed from "got weed?" to "got beer?" I heard a story about a flood in the early days of Yosemite and a couple of employees who stole a boat to "rescue" some alcohol. I was told they rescued so much booze they sank the boat. I was there for the big rockslide over Curry Village on Jun 14, 1999, it felt like an earthquake!

    I was there when DNC acquired Yosemite Park and Curry Company. I saw Ed Hardy give Mike Corbett a birthday spanking. YP&CC let Mike live in employee housing just for giving his climbing presentations, DNC evicted him, Gary Fraker was an east coast jerk. I was a "san-jan" in the general offices when they changed the sign in front. They had the old sign in a closet until I stole it. I got paranoid and gave it to a friend who lived outside the park.

    Best job I ever had.

  4. I hope he had Geico's new car replacement policy!

  5. At least the owner didn't kill himself. It is a known fact that many a Ferrari owner kills themselves in their new car simply because they do not know how to handle the damn things. They are a special breed and require special handling. Like the President of Eagle Computers who, the day his company went public, killed himself in his Ferrari the same day in his new car.