Thursday, July 13, 2017

Timing is perfect


  1. Actually, I think the kid is on a swing. The attachment points are straight above him. Another kid sits in another one a few feet to the right.

  2. No, he is falling, Gorges. That is the Class of 00 and I remember it well: BW Bandy is falling off over there on the left, Uncle Bob had nutted himself in the middle up there where the bars cross, and on the very far right, Quartermain and I are fighting to the death on one of the ladders. We both lost as I recall. Today it's referred to as The Great Monkey Bar Disaster Of 1900 and is a case study in most law schools and universities as a remedial lead in to Ambulance Chasing 101.

  3. Playground stuff has changed entirely. It's all "safety first" regardless of whether it's fun. Can't have teeter-totters, kids might fall or get fingers crushed; swings can only be short, and most have safety-belts so kids can't fly out (intentionally or not;) slides can't be made of metal, only plastic (can't slide worth a darn on plastic,) jungle gyms? You've got to be kidding (I'll bet tort lawyers would love 'em though!)

    My favorite game at recess was Dodgeball, which is not allowed anymore. If I was a kid today I'd be miserable, and bored, and probably they'd keep me drugged out of my tiny little mind! The insanity of our age of nannys!