Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer cabin for sale in Iceland

Dunno, the air fare might make a visit impractical, but maybe it could be a profitable rental?

The listing, in Icelandic.

This dreamy cabin a short drive from Reykjavik is up for grabs, two kayaks included in the price.
The cabin measures only 37 square metres and was built in 2012.  It stands at a small lake popular for recreation called Meðalfellsvatn and is situated on the other side of Mount Esja, the mountain overlooking Reykjavik. 
The cabin is stylishly decorated and includes a trendy SMEG fridge and stove.  But maybe black isn't a really good color, unless it's painted that way to absorb solar heat.
Plus, a fishing river right there.  I'd guess that unless there's a big waterfall downstream, there would be a salmon run.
Gather up your Icelandic Krona boys and girls, this one might be a good deal.


  1. The online converter I used converted 19.9 million Kr into roughly 200,000.00 in real money.

    1. Not too bad. I'm not sure what the lot size is, or what the rules are in respect to fishing that river, but it would be good to know before buying something like that. The rental idea might be workable, I don't know, and it might have to be vacant all winter. So many issues....

  2. In regards to the fishing, thirty years ago it was tightly controlled on the rivers esp for salmon. Since the salmon ran in the summer and it was light out for 24 hours you rented a spot on the river for 8 hours only. All fishing gear that was brought into the country was taken and sanitized and returned in about 3 weeks in a crappy condition, so it was easier to just buy in country.
    Days like shown in the picture are few and at that time most of the country would take the day off and go for a picnic.

    1. I wouldn't fit in well with that much regulation.

  3. Whoa, nice fence!!! Anyone have a plan for something like that? The crappy fences we have here in Texas suburbia don't last more then 4-5 years.