Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Porch Picture

Anybody remember these?


  1. Grandma's chicken and dumplings and a slice of hot apple pie with a giant slab of vanilla ice cream laid over the top.

    1. No punkin' pie at this Grandma's...looks like hers are albinos.

  2. Summertime porch ecstasy circa the early 1950's in Paterson, NJ: Fire flies, sweet brief wafts of cooking and foliage smells, short neighborly hellos, dad and friends sipping Ballantine beer from 12 oz. bottles, women gabbing, sipping lemonade and using hand-held fans to keep cool. Moving along the mosquitoes with short flicks of the fans watching us "youngins" tossing balls in the street and lighting sparklers on the front lawn.

  3. Ah, down in Dixie, sippin sweettea (one word when you say it right) and yep that chikin an' dumplins.